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Curious to discover Krasnodar and the unexpected climate of southern Russia?

The city is experiencing tremendous growth: many move there from various regions of Russia, thanks to the mild climate of the South and the excellent lifestyle. Even for tourists this green location should become a must during a trip to Russia, for the Cossack traditions and many other good reasons.
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Roma Krasnodar
da 01-01-2019 a 31-10-2019 da 01-01-2019 a 25-03-2020 192€
Venezia Krasnodar
da 01-01-2019 a 31-10-2019 da 01-01-2019 a 25-03-2020 180€
Verona Krasnodar
da 01-01-2019 a 31-10-2019 da 01-01-2019 a 25-03-2020 169€
Milano Krasnodar
da 01-01-2019 a 31-10-2019 da 01-01-2019 a 25-03-2020 172€

Information on Krasnodar

Krasnodar is a city of about one million inhabitants of southern European Russia, capital of the homonymous territory. The city lies on the Ciscaucasian plain, on the Kuban river, not far from the Black Sea coast and the northern reaches of the Greater Caucasus.


Founded in 1793 by the Cossacks of the Kuban with the name of Ekaterinodar (in Russian, a gift of Catherine), the city was renamed in December 1920 with its current name: since in Russian, until the beginning of the century, the word krasnij could be understood with the two different meanings of red and beautiful, splendid, the current name can mean either a splendid gift or a red gift, a gift of the reds; this subtle difference becomes very pregnant if we consider the historical period we were living.

During the Second World War the German army occupied the city from 12 August 1942 to 12 February 1943. Heavily damaged during the war, it underwent a restructuring program at the end of the conflict. In the second half of 1943 the Soviets carried out trials against people suspected of colluding with the Nazi invaders. In total that year, the Krasnodar court issued 8 death sentences for these crimes.

In the following decades the city became, similarly to all the Russian cities of a certain importance, above all an industrial and commercial center.

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