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Tel Aviv, the Israeli capital of finance, business and fun

Going to Tel Aviv for tourism? Or traveling there for work? Or just returning home after a period of work in Italy? Tel Aviv does not stand out for its historical vestiges. It fully deserves to be visited though, if only for the contrast with Jerusalem.

Visit and enjoy Tel Aviv by purchasing an Air Moldova ticket ... the money you will save can be spent much better once you arrive! All inclusive flights: quality of service and up to two pieces of luggage. Our flights to Tel Aviv from Italy make a very short technical stop in Chisinau, ensuring you convenience and travel time reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, if you have subscribed to the Frequent Flyer program, you can also earn valuable miles.

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Roma Tel Aviv
da 01-12-2021 da 01-12-2021 a 28-10-2022 140€
Milano Tel Aviv
da 01-11-2019 a 24-10-2020 da 01-11-2019 a 24-10-2020 122€

Information about Tel Aviv

Modern, vibrant and cosmopolitan, Tel Aviv is characterised by an enterprising creative landscape. From the world-class Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which houses works by international greats, to the secluded street art alleys and avant-garde galleries scattered around bohemian Florentin, inspiration comes in myriad mediums. And it doesn't end with the visual arts – there's plenty of performance, too. Enjoy the rich theatre scene, live music ranging from beachside buskers to big name international acts, and plenty of classical music, opera and ballet for high culture cats. [extract from Lonely Planet]


Founded in 1909 by a group of residents of the nearby city of Jaffa, led by the future mayor Meir Dizengoff, the city's name refers to a passage from the Bible: in the Book of Ezekiel, the "hill of spring" is indeed the place where - in the prophet's vision - the Jews in exile find a home. After the Second World War the city developed to become, as a conurbation together with neighboring cities, the main Israeli center in terms of population and economy.

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