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Air Moldova flights to Saint Petersburg from Italy. Saint Petersburg at your fingertips!

Choose Air Moldova flights to Saint Petersburg and discover the artistic beauty of the ancient capital of Tsarist Russia.

Visit and enjoy St. Petersburg by purchasing an Air Moldova ticket ... the money you will save can be spent much better once you arrive! All inclusive flights: quality of service and up to two pieces of luggage. Our flights to Saint Petersburg from Italy make a very short technical stop in Chisinau, ensuring you convenience and travel time reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, if you have subscribed to the Frequent Flyer program, you can also earn valuable miles.

From To Stop Available on dates Travel period Price starting from Details Book
Roma San Pietroburgo
da 01-12-2021 da 01-12-2021 a 28-10-2022 132€
Milano San Pietroburgo
da 01-01-2020 a 25-10-2020 da 01-01-2020 a 25-10-2020 118€

Information about St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia in terms of size and population, with about 5 million inhabitants, and the most important port in the country. It is also a federal city and can be considered the most northern metropolis in the world. [extract from]


Founded by Tsar Peter the Great (1672-1725) on the Neva delta, where the river flows into the bay of the same name, part of the Gulf of Finland, it was long the capital of the Russian Empire, and is currently considered the Russian cultural capital. It was the capital and for want of Tsar Nicholas II in 1914 it was renamed Petrograd. It kept this name until 26 January 1924. From 26 January 1924 (5 days after Lenin's death) to 6 September 1991 it was called Leningrad.

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